Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Salt Fever.

There are moments in life which you tend to remember. Here's one. The laptop sits safely on a Dodge SRT 6.4 hood, the moonlight lights up the proud team while a train is howling restlessly through the night.

Proud team?  Yes, the team is proud. Because we've completed 15 runs (!) at Bonneville Speed Week with our mean green machine and all team members managed to reach Category C Competition License level. Which means that we can exceed 175mph 

Was that all? Nope. Magnus reached to Catagory B which means that he's ready to aim for the record.

How about that for an evening in Wells, Nevada?
The Team in stormy weather on salty ground. Inner peace arrives.
The team where it counts to be.

We'll be back.

Salt and Speed is addictive.

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