Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Aftermath.

We're still in US and we're still walking on clouds, after our achievement at Bonneville Speed Week. While we've been reversing the practical stuff, we've been thinking and we've been talking. Talking about everything that we've experienced and learned so far within land speed racing.

Here's a summary; Our Amazon has a potential to be really fast. How fast? Nobody knows. The car seams to be durable. Nothing broke after 15 races!

But we do need a new calibration with the correct race fuel that is available at Bonneville Speed Week. That will be done in L.A during autumn 2018. Seams doable.

The chassis is better than excepted and then engine has a lot of power. The car is significantly better than when we made our first Rookie Run at El Mirage 2017. New boost control, perfect corner weight, 40/60 weight balance front/rear and not the least more weight makes the car much more stable at speed.

We've learned to cope the strange feeling that comes with driving fast on salt and dirt. The initial fear is gone. Which means that we've got Salt Fever and will aim for the record. We have almost completed all certifications that we need to go for the record.
No more salt anywhere and adjustment done; new spark plugs & cables, new oil...Our Amazon is waiting for the winter rest. This is he final picture before we left Erik's and Ruth's place. And yes, cars were smaller in the 60-ties.

The race is over for this time. At this point it's was time for a cold beer and some reflection together with other racers.
We left Bonneville Salt Flats in a salt storm. A new experience which made us wrap up things fast.

Again, we'll be back. Revitalized. And fast.

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