Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cold and rainy now but next season is coming up. Soon!

If you're still in the sun but start to feel somewhat cold during late evening dinners on the terrass, then you're not on our latitude. You're not on latitud 57 in Gothenburg, Sweden where it's getting colder and gloomier and darker day by day.  

If you would be here, totally without palm trees, there's only two ways to survive. Either travel south or go to the workshop or garage of your likings, roll up the sleeves and start to make dreams come true.
The later is possible to combine with daytime work and the associated income, which in best cases support dreams. Besides, there's a new season coming up! It will take some time before it arrives, but eventually it will come with new race events, new car and bike meets and dry open roads! There will be fresh gasoline, diesel and ethanol as well!
However, while Salt Slush Racing team is planning for next landspeed race season in US and trying to make the 449 Amazon reach next speed level, we're in Sweden working hard with various private project and trying our best to provide advices, superchargers and turbochargers to the race and car enthusiastic community whenever needed. We're there to comfort speed craving souls. That's our mission.
We deliver AirWerks S369 turbo urgently (same day as the order arrives) with our Supercharged Corvette C6. 
Other than that…
...we're talking to the US Drifting community and we've learned that there's a growing demand for Superchargers in Drifting. Technically we can understand this and we're looking forward to support this new movement when it reaches Sweden. We're objective because we can offer both superchargers and turbos and know-how about both types.
Car meets are over at latitude 57, but we've been inspired…by other car builders.

Inspired as we are, Carina and I are building an Ardun engine as the autumn leaves are falling on Ringön.

Petter, the Professor, is building up a stock of old Volvo engines. One after the other. Makes him happy. Who are we to criticize?
Anders is Supercharging LS engines. Yes, It's Magnuson Supercharger.
The Chevy 1936 is not ready, but finally reliable after a lot of struggle.
The solution: Fuel tank cleaned with citric acid.
Kalle has taken his Vespa apart and Magnus is working with all his 10 parallell projects, Carina is building up a Show Suffolk lawnmower and so it continues…
Take our advice: Get going now.


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