Saturday, October 6, 2018

Gran Turismo

Early moring. Alarm bells rings. While you flip up the curtain blinds your mind gets wide awake. It's not any day. It's that day. The driving day, The Freedom day. In other words, the day when your body will go fast while you mind will be at ease and you'll be winding down. Your supercharged V8 will be working hard while you'll be thinking, talking and enjoying life.

Meanwhile you wake up your loved one with a kiss. Outside the supercharged coupe is waiting.The coffee smells good, even great. Not much is said. There's no need to talk right now. Because the dream is shared and it runs through your veins like gasoline.

Open the outside door, walk down the stairs. You feel that it's early summer and you notice that only the spring birds are singing songs. Everything else is quite. Really quite.

You enter your machine, the machine that soon will eat up the road. Now it's time. Time to push the button. The button that will give you goosebumps when pushed. A second of electric spool up then real power.  
After high speed 1200km driving a cold beer is waiting. Carina knows what's coming.
Good to great. Carina is in Supercharger mounting mode.

Summary, Conclusion, Fast forward. 
Our Supercharged Corvette C6 are making our GT dreams come true in the past, currently and in the future. Which really feels good.

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