Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cross Creative

Gentrification. A phenomena that can make any creative soul wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat.

So far it's just a bad dream. Cause right now we're in the middle of a creative flow. Or rather a creative highway. Small businesses, Car guys & girls, Bikers and Artists are all coming together at Ringön and start to interact. A-fucking-mazing. 

A place and space for people who think, do and create. People who're building amazing cars bikes or creating art of various kind. A place to meet, get new ideas and learn how to do new stuff. A place where land speed dreams are being born and realized....
Annika and a beast. The beast of an Artist...and as it seems, a deep thinking, wise beast.

Our old Chevy Van got a pin striping treatment by our own artist today. Annika.
Ringö ChopShop. Award winning Bikes formed with an artistic focus and crave for workshop machines,
Garage Dinner and good stories from all around the world.

Dinners is done. We're digesting. Bar will open soon.
At midnight it was time to celebrate our 15 runs at Bonneville Speed Week.
So, Anders opened up his humidor.
And there was smoke.
Tobacco smoke. 
And joy.

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