Saturday, September 8, 2018

It ain't easy to stop dreaming

Travel. Sometime we all travel. We go away for a period of time. For a while we feel at ease when we come back home. We've rested and we're good. We tell stories about food and drinks and place we've visited and people we've meet. We describe how cool various place of interest was and wasn't.
But let's assume that you've gone beyond all of the above. Experienced something which is hard to reproduce. Something that might have changed you forever.
How to communicate that?
You can tell stories about fantastic roaring engines, cool cars and bikes. How to explain that you've made a irreversible inner journey that is associated with a team, a dream and a scheme?
After the first race a Bonneville Speed Week.
Something happened, but you don't know what it is. 
We're absorbing our first time. Our first Bonneville Speed Week.  
Erik, Don and Rick. Focused as can be. Nitro ain't milk even if it's in your vains.  
Before the first run. At this point you don't know that you'll be somewhat different in a couple of minutes.
 As Erik said with a grin: It's only first time at Bonneville Speed Week once...
 Now we know. But we cannot explain.

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