Thursday, October 11, 2018

Muscle Cars vitality. Now, then and in The Future.

Let's get one thing straight. There's no logic associated with buying, owning and driving a Muscle car. No sane brain can make a muscle car reasonable. Ever.

But there're other non rational values. Listening to opinionated guys and girls on the Muscle Cars topic, they'll tell you everything you already know about fuel consumption, bad attitude appearance, suspect handling...etc. All these prejudices.

But as they speak you can hear it, feel it and see it in their face. We're here talking about The Hidden Envy. Because there's one small detail to add. Muscle cars are cool. Really cool.  
Plymouth Roadrunner 1971 with pistol grip shifter. If you have self esteem enough, buy one and use it as daily driver. From that moment you don't have to worry about getting attention of some kind.
Yes, there's an eternal bad ass appearance associated with rides like this.
Anders is making big progress with the Supercharged LS equipped El Camino.  Will the Magnuson Supercharger fit under the hood? Nobody knew for sure. Excitement was in the air.
Yes! No hood scoop needed. Just minor adjustment, then all good.
Modern Muscle Car. Dodge Challenger 2018 SRT 6.4. Which means more muscles than ever. Vibrant.

Besides, it seams like the best muscle car area is now!
If you need a daily drive, buy one!

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