Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Old School Service -A Tribute to Rogers Custom in Gothenburg!

You're hands are dirty. You're somewhat stressed. Because you're in search for a replacement part. A part that fits your broken favorite custom street car. At this point your wish to google, search and compare is limited. You need someone to talk to. Someone who knows your stuff. Someone who doesn't start with asking for the VIN / registration number.

In US these old school shops exist still, but in Sweden they're all gone.

All of them? Really?

No. There's still hope for a part searching soul. At least in Gothenburg.

We're talking about Rogers Custom, a part/speed shop for US cars that opened up the doors in 1965 and still going strong. Hasse, the current owner of Rogers Custom, has no web shop (like Salt Slush…), instead he has a lot of worn catalogues, a solid network of suppliers and a loooong hands-on experience of cars.
A typical no-nonsense call to Rogers Custom:
Customer: Hi, do you have a lower cooling hose for a C20 -79?
Hasse: Small block?
Customer: Yes!
Hasse: The hose will be available tomorrow. I'll call you in advance.
Carina is picking up her part.
The logo. Seen it since I was a kid. Always liked it.

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