Thursday, October 25, 2018

Remote Tuning of 449 Amazon The Movie

We're living in visual times. In which a picture is mandatory if you want to tell a story. Add a short film and it all becomes true. 

We're not too different, even if we still can read. Here's what I'm talking about; we talked with Nisse (The Camtwister, at Instagram) and Erik Hansson (at Scandinavian Street Rods) and as well Westech Performance over phone and afterwards we celebrated our tuning/calibration success.
But it wasn't until we got these videos, that we realized how smooth our wild 449 Amazon is running after the Westech Performance treatment.
You've heard it before and it's still valid. Seeing is believing. So read, look and listen.
Not full load, but instead a smooth calibration at part load. This is what we've been looking for ever since the first El Mirage race.
Ismail at Westech Performance called me Saturday night (CET) and asked following question:
-We've now got 696 rwhp (which equals to 750hp on the crank with our transmission and rear end set up) with a conservative ignition of 15 deg (race fuel) and no knock, do you want us to advance the ignition further and squeeze out more power at this point in time?
Very tempting, but I said no. Because we don't need an engine failure to handle remotely from Sweden and we've got more races to run before we can go flat out and reach for the record. Until then we need a super duper durable engine.
We're not Kilroy....but the 449 Amazon was there.

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