Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wish I reached paperback writing skills

You who have access to Swedish media can very soon go out and buy your latest issue of Gasoline.
Why ? Well, beside of that the Magazine is a very cool Magazine, run by some even cooler Guys and Girls, the SSR Bonneville 2018 adventure is told in a 5 page article.
For us it's great to be remembered in the gloomy end of November, to dream back and plan for upcoming race at Bonneville next year. You know, plans are already made and hotels are booked.
The Article is written by Håkan a team member who's nursing (treating) a brooken dream of writing classic books, not simple paperbacks. Here we talk about true hardback books with it's origin in the hardboiled heritage of writers like Jack Kerouac and James Elroy. For us who as individuals, are closer to Executive Cowboys than hardcore dropped out beatniks, it's enough to keep the dream on distance and have our edge experience in the to be fast lane at Bonneville.
So meanwhile we're struggling with writing and story telling skills, take some minutes and check our blog and, occasionally, enjoy great writing although not yet even on paperback level. So far we operate on monthly printed on glossy papper.
Go out and buy your copy November 30th 
In the article you also see som pictures from Erik, Ruth and Rick's racing as well. And let me tell you,  these guys are suffering of some really severe SALT  FEVER. Beyond what is possible to cure.
So enjoy the article and have a good one !

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