Sunday, November 18, 2018

Salt Slush Racing's Winter Retreat

Sunshine, Salt flats and Speed Week pops up in our mind and we're preparing for the 2019 race season on dry lakes in the US of A. But we've faced the brutal reality and accepted that there we're in the middle of the coal dark autumn in the north of the northern hemisphere far away from our Landspeed race Amazon in California. 

We've to cope with the absence of light and get ready to take responsibility for our own mental health. So, here's a status report from the Salt Slush racing winter retreat.
Modern life has modern problems. We're here talking about limp home mode on a El Camino 1970. When it runs, it runs like a dream but more adjustment are needed. Anders will fix it, be sure of that. The LS engine, equipped with Magnuson Supercharger, will make it all worthwhile.
Pictured: One cylinder bank of our soon to be Ardun V8.
Last conrod connected. Hour is getting late.  
Eight out of eight ain't bad. It feels really good to finished this part of base engine assembly.
I managed to borrow an oil pan for the Ford Flathead from Lars Davisson today. Remark: The oil pan was not for sale. I need to find a new one for Lars. Anyone got a Ford 1946 oil pan for sale?
Winter is coming up and Carina tryin to make the flea market snow blower come alive. Yes, the Tecumseh engine has now got the spark back!
We all strive for comfort. Magnus is here practicing steering column packing while trying to find a good position for the seat. Yes, he's focused.
Kalle will make his belly-up Vespa shine like psychedelic northern light. But will he convert from rocker to mod? Nobody knows yet. We'll soon find out.
Outside our workshop, the last standing hollyhock is trying hard to ignore the fact that the sun has left the sky.

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