Sunday, December 9, 2018

All play and no work makes Salt Slush a happy Team!

Work hard. Drive fast. Deliver. Essential as breathing. But sometime you need something else. I'm talking about Relaxing, Reflecting and Dreaming. After a busy summer and though autumn we were in need of the latter. Consequently, small group meet up at the Salt Slush garage to cook food, drink beer and just relax. No big deal, no major party, just a calm evening with friends surrounded by stuff we like. Team & Turbos,  Dreams & Drinks, Food & Flatheads. All Supercharged.
Magnus the Man.  
Candle holder with heritage. For the Nobel banquet to envy.
Kalle and Catrine.
Humans need oil too. We've enjoyed the last drops now Roger.
Ellen Percival.
The Percivals in our workshop.
Salt Slush Salmon. Homegrown dried chili, muscovado sugar, lime and more… 
Ardun short block in the limelight, longing for heads.
Karin caught in a CNC milling machine talk.
Not only Jameson and Walker joined our party. Magnuson was there too.
Supercharged as always.
Slighty out of focus. Männer, Frauen und Motoren.
Annika and Ragnar was there. Joined by Chevy. Chevy the Dog. 
Carina, Cina. The one and only.
Yes, it's me. Feeling fine.

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