Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Hot Rodding and Hot Rods are forever.

It's about freedom, passion and punk attitude. 

No matter if you're a boxed in office clerk with career ambitions and urge to please or a blue collar with awkward attitude and limited some point we all need to break free from our claustrophobic white walls or dirty dungeon and burst. Flat out.

If you want go fast without control for no particular reason there's no substitute.  

If you, on top of the above, happen to be the curious type, creative and somewhat artistic then you're probably a hot rodder of some kind. 

If you're wild at heart, you know what I mean. Hot rodding, Tuning. Many namnes for things we like.

New generations are growing up and they'll find their cars and bikes suitable for tuning and go fast adventures and companies like Salt Slush will be there to support with good stuff. Forever.
Old school hardcore two wheel example. 
Important part of contemporary Hot Rod life.

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