Sunday, January 27, 2019

The eternal need for speed parts.

We all know that we shouldn't do it. Because it's not mature. It's childish and it could be both dangerous and illegal. But still, a red light race or an autobahn battle will wake you up and as well cheer you up. It could provide a good reason to update your ride too.

But how to judge if the car or bike in the other lane is gentlemen street racer, a too tough task or not worthy the extra fuel?

Here's a guidence:
1. Does the car in the other lane has a welded roll cage? Consider listening to public radio  and calm down.

2. Do you have reason to believe that you have +400hp more than your fellow racer? Ignore it all and save the fuel.

3. Are there cops around? Don't even think about it...

4. Do you have a sleeper? Are you sure about the peak power in your car? Is the car next to you likely to be an all original sports car with less power than your vehicle and driven by someone who don't understand aftermarker tuning and home built stuff. =>GO! 
Here's a short video with a moral. About David and Goliat, Safety and Speed parts. Enjoy.

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