Monday, January 21, 2019

Don't ask why!

Let's start with qoute to comfort racers, builders and dreamers out there.
"Every man's conscience is vile and depraved
 You cannot depend on it to be your guide
when it’s you who must keep it satisfied"

There are moments in life when you're inspired and full of energy. When there's no obstacles and you're in a creative flow. This doesn't normally happen when you're working with reasonable stuff. Flow is more likely take place when you're working with fun things that makes you happy, excited and put your soul at ease.
Here's some of the projects that trigger some of the Salt Slush team members right now.  They are all sort of -Why the hell are you doing this? projects...
No 1: The Ardun V8 Engine. There are people out there that would state that you could get twice as much power for less than 50% money spent.
Correct, but still irrelevant.
Status: Pistons designed, delivered and assembled. New Ardun cam and new bearings for the 4 inch crank in place. All adjusted, mounted and lubricated in the French flathead engine block.
The aluminum oil sump used by the French army military vehicle to the left and an original Ford Flathead pass car oil sump to the right. I need to use the right one to make it fit in a Ford -46.

Ardun engine block again. All relieves are mills off and exhaust ports blocked with Belzona chemical metal in order to stop oil from going down in the old flathead exhaust channels.
No 2. Carina and her old lawn mowers. Beautiful small machines if you ask her. The blue Suffolk Demon, her trailer queen, is now ready to show, while the green two stroke Qualcast Commando needs an overhaul. Yes, lawn mowers had bad ass names in the 50ties and 60ties....
No3. Magnus and a really cool idea. He's building his own supercharging kit for an old square body Suburban...V8 DIESEL. When this is ready, there will be torque without lag and no smoke.
Salt Slush advice: Follow your Dream, ignore the why question and work with the project (-s) of your liking. It will make your life better. 

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