Friday, February 1, 2019

Watching paint dry while feeling blue.

It's February. According to Swedish goverment statistic, the second flu peak is coming up. Simultaniously the same source show that the winter womit bug is heading towards its peak in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile wet snow and cold nights serves as changing guards. In short, it's gloomy.

Did I mention that all money is spent too? 

So what to do?

1. Go inside.
2. Wash your hands.
3. Use your germ free hand to do something creative in the garage. 
4. Practice contemplation.

I'll try to illustrate all except no.2 above with a couple of pictures. In the wrong order, just to keep you awake.
1. It's February. Go inside. It's depressing outside. 
4. Watch paint dry can be really exiting. Here's the Ardun V8 oil sump (Thank's Lars!) in wet paint…
...and here's the same sump when dry. No, it's not the camera. It really shifts color. This means that something has happended while we were in trancendence.
Dry upon wet. Shades of blue.
3. Men with germ free hands pointing finger. Since there's more than one solution to this superchager pulley dilemma a creative garage debate is needed. 
3. Carina's lawn mower corner is germ free too. Because their ain't no bacteria in hell that survives a her constant mist of Bräkleen.

That's all for now.

Be careful out there!

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