Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Flash in the Pan.

I have to admit. I couldn't see the problem coming. Tell me I'm naive, but it all seemed so harmless. So easy to solve. But apparently I should have been on my toes. Because dealing with any French-American cooperation that stretches through decades is a towering task.
I'm not talking about transatlantic deals, Lodi or Languedoc, Lille or Los Angeles. Nope. It's when Henry F. meets French Army girls in a post war dance that things starts to get complicated. Let me tell you... it goes. 
Take one. The 1st main bearing in the French block couldn't find room inside the strict Ford oil pan from the 1930ies. It had to break loose after years surrounded by aluminum walls.
Take two. The French army oil pan does not fit on-road vehicles, hence the surge (-pipe) comes from US of A (Vanpelt) in common global fashion.
Take three: New (main bearing) boundaries were shaped in white paper...
…but eventually, hard walls were formed. 
Take four, I grabbed the welder to make the preliminary, permanent
All in all, what first seemed like a done deal was in fact a tough task in need of
action and attention.
Good start, but I'm not ready yet, cause the deal's not yet sealed.

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