Thursday, March 14, 2019

Garagewarming and Gearhead Personalities

I've never really understood the point of showing the privat residence to friends and guests. Don't get me wrong, it nice to have friends coming by, to have a party or a dinner at home, but house walk-arounds where thing like;  -This is our bedroom…and here's our bathroom….never really struck a cord with me.

But when it's time for Garage warming then it's different. It doesn't have to be a party, not even filled with cool stuff either. Here's why;

If it's full of cars, engines and bikes and not the least parts, you can walk around and just take in all details. You can stay for hours and hear stories about a car project, or get an epic tale which end up with the purchase of a gas tank, a special crankshaft etc. It's like a flea market and a story telling session combined.

If it's empty, there will be plans told, the discussion will be forward looking and there will be dreams. Very often too ambitious and unrealistic, but still creative dreams. Some times you feel a positive envy too

On top of the above, you get to know personalities when visiting a workshop, a kind of gearhead analysis. Garage archetypes. The collector, the builder, the fabricator, the machinist, the polisher, the wild grinder, the pedant, the dreamer, the project guy, the artist...and sometimes all in one place harmony…well, at least not in war.

Some clean every spot, buy a new work bench and paint the walls white before they take an engine apart. Other just push a way what's in the way and tear the engine to pieces without even cleaning it first. Some just buy tools, others use theirs every minute. But it really doesn't matter, it's the gasoline (or diesel) sprit that counts.
Garage visit are always nice, but when friends becomes garage neighbors it's even better. Annika and Ragnar just moved in close to Salt Slush workshop.
Their profile? This couple is a mixture of pedant, fabricator, artist, wild grinder and project man/woman. A good and complex combo.
Salt Slush welcomes Annika and Ragnar and wait for the party!

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