Friday, March 22, 2019

Climb the ladder!

Some people are looking for recognition. Others look for fame. Some others look for money only.

Basically, they all have one thing in common. A lack of real priority. When it comes to having fun, being fast and get positively furious most people go astray.

Within the Salt Slush team, we suffer from the above too! But we're trying, and we're trying hard to be true to our souls. We're trying hard to break free from the surface and instead nourish our gearhead minds and climb the ladder of our inner dreams.

So what's the next step on the eternal journey? 

Here's what; Besides of a zillion private projects per person, all in need of non existing completion dates, we're still looking for a silent, still stressful, moment. A moment to get peace of mind in on the dusty, salty but still clear deserts surface.  
We've found what we've been looking for.
A great wide open, someone that's pointing in the right direction and real speed!
With all of the above in place, we'll be climbing the inner ladder of our souls...soon. 


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