Saturday, May 18, 2019

One of our nonsence customers. We love them.

The phone rang. I picked it up and there was this hard core race guy on the other side of the line. A no bullshit, no time to waste type of guy who were in need of a solotion. Someone who faced failures and needed 700hp from his Volvo 4 cylinder engine now. The kind of customer that can have a turbo matching discussion while feeding his daughter.
Johan Lundmark's Volvo 244 while waiting in line and hoping for the best (10,5s) but prepared for the worst.
How much better can it get? A really nice installation.
Johan sent us the power & torque curve one week after Salt Slush delivered the turbo. We love this attitude. Meaning, sleeping is nice...but think, do and act is much better! 

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  1. Ni är mycket kunniga proffs .Tack för trevliga och inspiratierande samtal mvh Evertsson från Västerbotten