Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tug of war while weekend wrenching

Sunday. If it's summer, go sit in the sun, go to the beach or just take stroll. That's what most people do and it's a reasonable activity. Because the Thank-God-It's-Friday type of feeling is long gone. The Saturday restlessness with all obligations has faded away too. 

But there's alternative way to spend the Sunday. When your at ease, you can use the flow that comes with a relaxed mind to just do fun stuff. Be active, creative and forward looking.
Here's what I'm talking about;

Do like Kalle, find a beast and build muscles. Example: Tug of war with Ruben. 
It's Kalle to the left.
Or like Anders, Do something you've never done before i.e a complete overhaul & upgrade of an automatic transmission. We're talking about a 4LE60 transmission.
Think, do, act with some Youtube advice.
We don't need to read star signs. We can still predict that a Camaro -68 is coming our way. Because the heart just arrived. Kalle brought his LT1 Engine to the workshop since it needs some attention before it's ready to beat again. 
 Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Carina and I are working with our mysterious 1938 Oldsmobile Coupe. We getting function after function back. Since it's spring it felt appropriate to get the blood stream (oil system) going and the spark of life (ignition) back in function first.
After sleeping for years, the alarm clock will soon ring. Because head gasket is now sealed, ignition OK, fuel system in place and starter is cranking healthy. 
The sun might be shining outside, but if there are hearts that does not beat, you've got to do what you've got to do.
And there's no better day than a Sunday…for life saving activities.

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