Monday, July 29, 2019

Don't forget what you're really looking for...

Vacation in late July. Hot summer nights. Riding motorcycles in t-shirt only. Drinking ice cold beer after midnight. A sense of freedom for those who seek freedom. A bittersweet feeling for ambitious people. Fulfilling dreams while having time to think about life.

If you feel these tensions, blow them up…and just enjoy the moment. Because this is the time to build sandcastles, get out there and drive and if needed work hard to enjoy that short moment that will make it all worthwhile.
Just do it!
A Squarebody tour 500km (805miles) will not impress our next door garage neighbour who's literally been driving 4 million miles over a 20 year period in GM Trucks. But it surves our purpose and makes us feel fine.
Rocker panels change in the blistering sun will crave an after wrench beer
And that beer will feel colder than cold
Some may go swimming softly while 
Magnus Make Magic.
Cina in the jungle on turbo vacation in search for the yellow rose of speed.
Cars in Barns needs speed and sunshine too. Anders took his SLC for a spin.

  Epilogue: Ignore sleep. Dream about projects that makes life worth living. But keep in mind that taking care of your soul is your responsibility. 

We can only provide turbos and superchargers! 

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