Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Stay Fast & Cool and support The Real Deal and not the copy.

Life's complex. We're fighting to be born and we're all looking for luck and love. But there's more to it. I'm talking about association, attitude and acknowledgement.
On the way to all of the above, we've learned that lot of people are looking for the real deal, the authentic stuff. Stuff that cannot be copied, stuff and is based on a real dream. I get it because we've been inspired too. 
We've got heroes. Heroes that provided us with strength. Strength to create our own do-it-yourself-world. A world in which we live and work hard to create and live our dreams.
Based on our own fantasy, fuckups and failures, we've created The Salt Slush Racing brand to make our land speed dream come through and inspire others, just like we've been inspired by those before us.   
That's why…;
...we've created our Salt Salt Racing logo...
...and made Tees for thoose living and dreaming about speed, power...  
 ...and can handle a limelight life.
We're talking about fighters that makes miracles real. 
Like Erland at 80 climbing a high pole at latitude 67 in -30degC (-22degF) with no safety belts.
Or race driver like Ola who seems to be faster when dressed for success.
 But we've now learned that there's people out there who have stolen our high speed logo and are trying  to sell stuff like this hoodie to you all. Don't buy it, becuase when copied without permission, the Salt Slush logo is losing its high speed soul and turn you in to a fool. 
The moral of this blog post;
Stay cool. Don't be a fool. Buy the real deal.

Yes, we have turbo's and superchargers too...

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