Sunday, July 7, 2019

Guests, Gasoline and Garage life

Someone has to make it happen. The spark has to come from somewhere. After that it's all about the fuel supply to keep warm.

Here's the scenario; Our garage neighbors sent an invitation via Insta to a social event and apparently she invited Gasoline Magazine as well. In addition, Josefine the next door event ignitor, sweetened the it all with a promise of free cold beer.  So, we showed up.

Sausages we sizzling on the grill, the beer was consumed cold and stories were told while the evening sun slowly turned into gold. Gearheads in harmony, that's what I'm talking about.  
Gasoline Magazine was there.  
There were eduacating lessons about Javelins.  
Ulf and Ragnar, The Master and The Trainee pictured.
The discussion;  Advanced sheet metal forming, shape and form.
Ringön, Gothenburg in the setting sun. 
Magnus in storytelling mode. Good to be in the audience.
Magnus Chevy AD pickup. 
He secretly chopped the top and surpriced us all.
Plymouth Roadrunner. A lock-up-your-daughters type of ride.
While most of us were going home preparing for work next day, there were other preparing for Gasoline Street Week…the midnight oil had to burn since there were a rear end that didn't work and there was just a few days left to the race.
We know the feeling...

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