Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday morning...and more.

Our lives runs in turbo speed. We're supercharged. We have racing on our mind and we're working hard. Always. Our plan is to sleep when we're dead. At that point in time there seems to be plenty of time.

But still, even in this life there are these moments. When you can feel at ease. They almost always arrive on a Sunday. When you wind down. When the soul is free.  A shining sun serves as a support, But even a winter Sundays can provide peach of mind. In worst case it all turns melancholic...or balance in between. 

Here's anyhow the Salt Slush Sunday as of today.
Kalle took the Ford 32 roadster (with 354 Hemi) for a spin. He built this car several years ago and it still can make you afraid in a very positive way. 
Perhaps we were not so relaxed on the surface…Carina and I managed to fire up the old Olds Coupe and take it for a ride. Yes, there was an incident as always, but over all...a clear victory.

Other than that...

Sunday feeling part 1 by Johnny Cash
Sunday feeling part 2 by Velvet Underground.

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