Saturday, August 31, 2019

We've been here, we've been there...we've basically been everywhere!

There was this rumor. Based on a thousend year old story about a basement in which corpes were kept at times when corpes were kept in basements. A rumor about ghosts and a creepy basement for all to enjoy. 

However, Salt Slush Racing seems to be ghost repellent. Probably too busy dreaming sweet dreams of speed on Salt. No time left for slow going ghosts. Therefore we didn't pay attention to howling spirit of unease . Consequence; Wanbo Herrgård left nothing but a beer bill to remember.

Why did we go to Dalarna, Sweden for Gasoline MEGA meet a couple of days after coming home from our Bonneville Speed Week in US of A?

Here's why... 
1. Anders Magnuson Supercharged LS equipped El Caminoooo needed a proper shake down.
Since she ain't no trailor queen, we took her for her first 450km spin.
Pictured: Kalle, a survivor, proud as can be.
2. Cina likes to travel, espscially when there's ghosts on the agenda.
3. We like to help to heal the soul of those in search of pointless power.
Because only then we're coming close to the meaing of life. 
4. Amazon in flames. Worth the trip.
5. Happy customers coming to see us.

That's why. 

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