Sunday, January 26, 2020

Take her on a Rocket Launch!

We're all different. Some need milestones, continuous feedback and deadlines, while others work slowly for decades to make their ride reach the asphalt. 

After years of self-reflection, I've learned what I need to move forward with a project (beside time and money...). What I need is to get to know the beast. To feel the vibrations, smell the fumes and hear the how it sounds. I'm talking about  some quality time with the object. After that I can comfortably start the surgery.

As I had these thoughts, the grey skies opened up and the seldom seen sun started to shine. A sign for a new start. To get going. To fill up some fuel and move on to make it or breake it.
12 Volt, 10 liters of RON 95, new fuel filters and a proper countdown. No Rocket Science needed.... go for a Rocket Ride. The Hydramatic shoftly shifted gears while we slowly started to understand why this vehicle won Carrera Panamericana 1950 and NASCAR 1949.
Even somewhat worn, it feels perky and way ahead of its time. 

First some new sheet metal (we're taking about solid floor) then some interior and perhaps some paint. 
Over to the topic of torque and power:
-How well can the Rocket 303 V8 handle a low boost AirWerks/EFR turbo? The conrods and crank are forged, the pistons are oil cooled and the compression ratio is low...just thinking. 

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