Saturday, January 18, 2020

Persistence is king. Or should we say Queen?

Let's start with a warning and a general advice. 

Warning first: There's not a trace of turbos nor superchargers in this post. That's not good since boost pressure is what makes most of us happy in our search for a safe, secure way to satisfy our crave for speed.

Moving on to the general advice; Don't do this at home! Especially not if you're the restless type in constant search for fast feedback.

Instead, this article is all about persistence and the ability to change state of mind. To get a new perspective. To move tedious to time-to-think-treasure.

Here's what we're talking about... 
The original plan: Sandblasting. Instead: Car archaeology. 
Carina grabbed cheapest possible paint remover and discovered layer after layer of car fashion. All the way back to the Cadillac Lucerne Green. 
A really nice Cadillac color from 1949.Google it and you'll find out.
After endless hours and continuous contemplation; 
Bare bone sheet metal celebration.
Primer applied.
From another angle in a different light.
 Paint it black. In a two component kind of way.
Dry paint and worn hubcap.It's all coming together....
...and  step by step, new tires are finding thier way to the old Cadillac wheels.
 While, eventually, these wheels reach their elegant, art deco appearance.
Meanwhile,in another part of our speed shop, Carina creates momentum and take the opportunity make Jeep driveshafts great again. 

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