Sunday, March 29, 2020

Do it while you can!

Obstacles. Stoppers. Law, tax and death. And other assorted intriguing issues. Bad things that makes you slow. Thing that makes you loose your track. You know them all since before. Since years. Painful but familiar. When adding a Pandemic and a new global financial situation to all of the above, suddenly the sun isn't warm anymore. 

But how to handle an upcoming storm?  Should we all build a shelter and passively pray for better days? 

Advice will follow. But first a disclaimer. If you don't have any projects that awaits your attention and no wild dreams, this guidance is not for you. If time is valuable to you, stop reading.

Coming back to the headline. When I grow up, as a small kid in Sweden, there was this bumper sticker saying; 
- Do it today, it could be forbidden tomorrow.
That sentence was engraved in my mind forever. It initiated thinking and directed me to a certain way of living. Which has been good. So far.

The Salt Slush advice: Don't wait for Corona to defeat you. Keep to yourself, your closest friends and loved ones but take the opportunity to build up the race car from the parts that's been piling up for a period of time. Prepare your custom, hot rod or classic for the shining sun that eventually will be there. For most of us...

Besides, it's better to walk upright with head held high to whatever destiny rather than to loose dreams, themes and schemes in a downward spiral. 
Living as preaching. Magnus makes an engine swap in isolation.
Same thing. From another angle and another light.
The old Olds had to wake up one month too early.
In addition, we had to make an quarantine exception for Carina's surprisingly fast square body C20. Reason; Delivery capacity is needed since some customers follow the guidance of this headline.

Questions? Well, if they're about turbos and superchargers, the need for speed or living life while life can be lived, we might be there to support and advice.

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