Saturday, March 21, 2020

Garage quarantine. A way to...keep us all alive!

Let's not kid ourselves. There's poison in the air.

People are dying and various experts are pointing in all possible directions. Take our unqualified advice in these times of uncertainty and...

1. pick up the phone and call your boss. Tell him or her that you’re in a tight spot and in need of immediate isolation while keeping a substantial salary. Which is true. Here's why; No crowd, no Coronavirus. Paycheck provides aftermarket prosperity. A way to save jobs. If goverments are involved, look at it as tax return if it makes you feel better. 

2. flip up any laptop of your liking and order performance products as if there was no tomorrow  (which could be the case). Show that you’re a responsible citizen ready keep your dreams alive and business going. 

3.  accept garage quarantine and enjoy contemplation (ref. yoga, peace of mind etc.) while not getting sick and simultaneously serving the society. 

On top of the above your project will be ready when it's all over.
Magnus, a good citizen who' s always prepared to support the aftermarket business.
Carina, ready to provide turbos and superchargers to racers and car guys in garage quarantine!

Take shelter from the virus storm in a garage close to you!

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