Sunday, March 1, 2020

Semi Sloppy Sunday

Salt Slush Sunday. We're not working. We're at ease. We're just socializing and playing with our toys. You know. That Sunday feeling. We will of course pick up the phone and talk about turbos and superchargers on the seventh day, but apart from that we're off. Detached but determined. 

This time of year we're inside. In the welcoming place that we call our second home. Our workshop. Here's a glance.
The beaten up 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 needs a lot of TLC. We're there to provide. 
Anders LS + Magnuson equipped El Camino were in need of interior and instruments. They are now in place. Hence rpm and boost pressure can be studied during burn outs.
Magnus is building a Dan Price Model A engine for a hot rod friend. 
It's soon ready to provide power after no end of bother.
Petter, The Professor, is only thinking about camshafts and headers nowadays and worries constantly about the uneven idle that comes with a hot cam.
Ragnar, our friend, next shop neighbor and sheet metal geek, delivered a piece of art yesterday... 
...I'm talking about the Transmission cover for the Rocket 88. Ragnar stated that said cover was " good practice" since it was rather complicated to repair (half of it had basically return to nature)
I've manufactured and welded the rest of the floor. Result: Inner compartment floor complete. Which lead to new opportunities...
...meaning that Cina, now can spend her soft Sunday working on the Olds electrical system. Before she started she was happy.
Then she prepared mentally for a life under the dashboard. Silent contemplation. 
Inside hoodie.
Since the seat bench is on the stormy sea, there's space and comfort in the compartment. 
Not top level comfort, but still, a place to endure.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Kalles Vespa is waiting for The Spot Welder from Hell. The Fuse killer. King of Darkness. Not an appropriate work for a day of worship, like a Sunday.

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