Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday 13th & Coronavirus...

As I woke up this Thursday. At 06.30 am the wind was howling. Windows were buckling accordingly. The national public radio was blasting. About the Coronavirus torture. A stiff journalist spread the words of President Trump. Those words bugged my soggy morning mind that tumbled between dream and reality. No more contagious companions from the Europe were allowed in the US of A for 30 days. That was his words.  Words that were like bullets in a landspeed racing heart.  No Bonneville Speed Week preparation. 
 How I felt that specific morning.
Eventually I woke up. Pushed the curtain aside. The sky was still blue. The oil price was low. We have germ free turbos on our shelves ready for a garage quarantine period and a flow of superchargers from Magnuson that will you get out of bed. At this point in time I felt alive and ready to fight any kind of pandemic without vaccine or medcine. 
Only using brute force. 

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