Saturday, May 30, 2020

How about making your Coyote Mustang powerful?

It has been painful. Even disastrous for car guys like us. Because we've been forced to stand in various motor shows in front of these three wise friends. 

One Mopar, One GM and One Ford guy who're all searching for the holy power grail. Who're all looking for instant power.Power increase at all speeds. Supercharged Power.

Until now we've not been fair and righteous. Instead we've nourished the GM and Mopar soul while we've let the Ford guy alone and astray.

But times are a changing and good things comes to he who waits. It seems like the last and lonely will now be fast and first.   
 Here's what I'm talking about. If your ride is, or will be, a Mustang or a F150... Listen up! Because we can offer the Coyote VMP/Magnuson Supercharger to make you feel at ease. Now.

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