Sunday, June 7, 2020

If you cant' fake it..Make it!

We've got problems. Might as well be honest about it. We feel no remorse. Here's what. We can't fake it instead we'll make it. That how we're wired and the consequence is as follows;

Professionally we want sell stuff that works well and lead our customers to the best possible technical solution. Best boost for the bucks. Privately we spare no effort to build stuff and buy machines that makes manufacturing super swift.
For once, the private machine maniac and our boosting business converge. At least it looks like that. We not sure yet, the Jury is still out. We're in prototype phase.
Here's what's happening right now; Anders has built a CNC machine and he has now bought a plasma cutter as well. These two are now one and he's trying out this combo.
This might end up in tailor made offers to Salt Slush Racing Customers! But we're not ready yet..
 Again, first trail. But we might be able to make customer wishes come true.

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