Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cheap as Chips or Take what you got.

Access is awesome. Creativity is King. What?

Here's what. From time to time people ask what kind of engine that is the best to boost. We always give the same answer. The best engine to boost is the one in your possession.

Next question often asked; 
-How much money is reasonable to spend? 

The money that you can live without is our simple answer. 
Inspiration: Richard, enthusiastically, shows how to get an old non-cross flow, 2 valve, slow burning push rod engine to produce power like a top modern natural asirated engine. To produce serious power with limited investment.
Meanwhile in the Salt Slush Speed Shop...Anders is making plans for his Matra. Matra Bagheera.
Dreams can come true if you let your milling machine keep spinning.

Yes, Anders had the Matra already and yes, it needs more power. 

To be continoued...  

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