Sunday, July 26, 2020

Summertime. When the livin ain't easy. Vacation Wrenching at Salt Slush Speed Shop.

No particular place to go and the compass of mind is pointing nowhere. But no the Coronavirus can stop creative minds from spinning and Covid can't stop the flow of turbos from Slush Racing Speed Shop from reaching our keen customers. 

Here's what. 
When customer calls, vacation is over for a while, because we deliver no matter what it takes. 
Pictured; pick-up truck turbo delivery.
Vacation Wrenching: Anders needed a new steering wheel for his...
...LS/Magnuson equipped 1970 El Camino. Bought one at Rogers Custom. 
Yes, it was a success!
Carina and I are at least 5 months behind schedule with our Ardun Engine project due to our Oldsmobile Rocket project.
Yesterday we took a leap in the right direction. Flywheel, Clutch and Starter is now assembled. First fire coming up. Soon...
Carburetor problem leads to power. Here's what; Anders got fed up with his Webers and decided to boost the Panther with leftovers from our Landspeed race project.
Feels good to see these turbos in a second life. 20 years ago I was in charge of the development of this turbo system (model year 2001 Volvo S80 T6). Now, one of them will find it's way to a Matra Bagheera. (No, Salt Slush racing cannot provide BorgWarner turbos or Magnuson Superchargers for this power level. Our portfolio starts at 350hp) 
Carina while working with one of her Suffolk lawnmower engines. 
Focus and peace of mind. 
Carina working under the Rocket dashboard. Focus and back pain. 
Life ain't easy for an Oldsmobile girl.
Magnus making sunburst magic. It took a few try and it ain't perfect, but it looks cool if you ask me.
I forgot what it was, but it was something for one of Magnus many parallell projects involving a MIG welder and transmission components.
Mission complete makes a man feel fine.

Conclusion: No matter The Virus, we can't stop working. It's in our nature. Private projects and customer project are equally important and fun. 

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