Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Risk management or How to Invest in a Powerful, Kick ass Future.

We're definitely different. Because some of our products are not like others when it comes what happens first. I'm now relating to properties and marketing. Here's what; you’re normally invited to test something. It's usually free of charge or at least available for low cost and when you're hooked, you're hooked and ready to pay for all goodies.

You're promised heaven for a small fee only to find yourself trapped, forced to spend all your money on a dream that you know you'll never reach.
Very often the first trembling step towards the ultimate target is risk free with no obligations or commitments. A nice warm feeling that later turns cold.

Magnuson Superchargers are all different. You first make a rather heavy investment in speed. At first a safe investment. A quality investment. You get the promised additional 120 real wheel hp added to your ride  A power increase that your vehicle can cope with without falling apart. For a while you can go fast sometimes, cruise most of the time and still feel like any accountable citizen. Which is good. Even great.

But deep in your heart you feel when you've reached the point. The point when it's time to take a walk on the wild side. Time to experience big time horsepower, to get the thrill and ride around in a kick ass car and not the least to put the transmission and more at risk. To own a car that is fast enough to scares you.

At this point, the investment is done and all you have to do is to spend less than 30min of wrenching and no more money than modest night on the town would cost you.

Before and after. Here's what happened when one of our Magnuson customers jumped over to the wilder side of life.
We were softly sippling some Coffee on a sunny Saturday outside our shop...when we all of a sudden heard a familiar supercharged sound approaching.

A C6 Corvette arrived. It was one of our customers who was in search for more. He wanted to go beyound his current +600hp.
Did I ever mention that speed and power is addictable?
A couple of minutes later a smaller supercharger pulley and a shorter belt was installed and only the test drive remained to make the day.
Yes, our customer choose the smallest pulley and yes...the change in power and torque was huge. Impressive.  Substantial. A game changer.
Salt Slush Conclusion & Recommendation: Fast cars are nice, but +700hp in a 1500kg vehicle with race alike tires and immediate response is hilarious, outstanding and wild.
Invest in a kick ass future. We'll be there with you on your journey from not so mild to really really wild.

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