Sunday, July 19, 2020

Salt Slush Garage tour part one.

We're trapped and sad.  We’ve basically got the blues.  Here’s why; we cannot compete at Bonneville Speed Week this year (2020). No salt desert as long as the Coronavirus torture continues. Airlines (SAS) cancelled our flights. US authorities won’t let us in. We’re all stuck in the summer version of Nordic gloom, in the pouring rain without events. Some of us are instead trying to work us through this painful period and like maniacs getting thing done in our garages and workshops while at the same time hoping for a normal to get back. A new normal where intercontinental travel is allowed and racing is first on the agenda again.
While waiting for this to happen, we took a tour to one of our creative and ambitious friends. Reason; we felt the need to kick some tires and study a project that hopefully provides energy to all of you with big dreams and crave for speed and g forces. To take part of Mattias endless energy.
There's a reason for everything. Mattias explains and Kalle listen carefully.. 
Mattias cookbook: Take one Opel Speedster, add a Jaguar/Ford V6, an Audi transmission and a boosting system. 
Restriction: Keep wheel base and chassis layout all original. 
Mattias Speedster from another angle in approximatly the same light. Concept complete. Details Done. The devil has to move on and go elsewhere.
Another of Mattias ambitions. Make it look like OEM. Yes, he made this part too.
Smart solutions, compact packaging. Made by Mattias.

After some coffee and a lot of talk we drove back to Ringön in good mood, ready to work harder with our private projects while waiting for a vaccine or something good to happen...Anyhow, we got inspired.

How about Mattias? Well, he burned some more midnight oil and took his fast contraption for a shakedown. That's what he did...

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