Sunday, September 13, 2020

Let's get back on track and talk about turbos

We tend to talk about our private projects and there's a lot of them. We do it because we're enthusiastic about these and hopefully we can inspire others to get going and have fun in garages and workshops out there. 

But we do have a business to take care about as well and on top of that we want to inform you that our shelves are full of BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks. It has been our ambition to build up a stock of as many variants as possible to be able to deliver what our customers want when they want it. 

As the rain is pouring down, it's anyhow time to go back to the garages and doo deeds.

So, comes some turbo inspiration and information.


AirWerks S300SX-E is a reliable series of turbochargers from BorgWarner that stretches from S361 to S372. (the 61 and 71 stands for inducer diameter in mm) This series is suitable from 500hp to 1100hp depending on application. We have seen a lot of really nice performance over the years and a lot of positive customer response from these turbos. Toyota Supras, Volvo's, Chevy LS and more. 

And yes, we have all S361,S362, S364, S366, S369 and S372 variants and all turbine housings too in stock.

Let's continue with AirWerks S200SX-E. A bullit proof, high efficient turbo from BorgWarner. There are bacically two variants S252 and S257. The smaller (S252) can delivery up to 500hp and the bigger (S257) up to 650hp. Very popular turbos. Our top seller. Normally used as single turbos for 4, 5 and 6 cylinder inline engines and as bi-turbo (parallel) for V6's and V8's up to 1200hp. 

And yes, we have them on stock including all 6 turbine housing alternatives.

Talking about turbine housings, here's something you should know about AirWerks. 
All AirWerks turbine housings (from BorgWarner) are equipped with a so called Marmon turbine outlet flange which is a good technical solution but somewhat complicated to work with...
...if you don't happen to have an adapter like the one pictured. Luckily we have these adapters on stock too including or not including or not including V-clamp. Nowadays we can deliver turbine inlet flanges as well (T25, T3 and T4 and even tailor made once if you provide a drawing)

Then we have the the EFR series from BorgWarner. The masterpiece of turbos with ceramic ball bearings, Ti-Al turbine wheels, water cooled, with or without integrated wastegate. Response, Spool-up and high power combined. There are a lot of combinations available from EFR 6258 to EFR 9280. Stretching from 350hp to 1100hp. We use an EFR 9180 ourselves in our Amazon landspeed racer. We can proudly announce that we have almost all combinations on our shelves (except the 7064) ready for fast delivery.

Perhaps two EFR 7163 with v-clamp turbine inlet flanges for a high level V8? Or a EFR 7163 with TwinScroll for a super sophisticated BMW inline 6? 
 Why not a EFR 9280 for the +1000hp Supra drift car? 
There are many alternatives...think, dream and act!
And again, we're ready when you're ready!

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