Saturday, September 12, 2020

There comes a time...

At some point in time we all have to face the moment of truth. It could be a short but painful period necessary to move on. Imagine root filling of an old tooth or a hellish surgery with uncertain outcome. It could eventually be the awkward feeling in the waiting room prior to the pearly gate. 
Nevertheless, I'm talking about when there's a before and after. When there's anxiety, occasion and aftermath.

The more that is at stake, the sweeter the victory. Which means that high risk projects and significant sacrifices tends reward the soul after completion. 

 Need an example? Here's one.

Carina and Olds Bertha evening before registration and final inspection. Several square meters of new sheet metal and +500 hours of welding, wiring and whining invested.

She was not alone. Friend were there to comfort and tease.
First fueling needed to reach the inspection station. At this point the engine was running lean. Too lean.
Pearly gate pictured.
Success is Sweet even to thoose who succeed.
 When approval is confirmed the air is easier to breath and celebration comes to mind. 
Summary, hard work that pays off brings a special kind of reward that I wish everyone could enjoy!

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