Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mad Professor, Gold Digging, Rocket Launch and Fine Dining. That's all for now.

The summer is coming to an end. At least at latitude 57. It's getting darker day by day and the temperature is going down. The summer that's fading away is not the kind anybody would like to repeat. No real race events, no travels, no car shows and no (few) parties. 

Instead we've all been isolated or at least semi isolated from all of the above. We've been working like galley slaves with ourselves as drummer and slave. The consequence has been project completion and achievements but how about our psyche? 

Think about it.
Petter, our personal professor has changed camshaft in his Volvo Duett from a wilder to a milder.
Magnus, the old school hot rod maniac is creating a cool Colorado Baya Truck with golden wheel
Supercool, but is it an augury?
Carina, has stopped thinking about antique lawnmowers, because she has transformed to Oldsmobile Girl. Since...
...Olds Bertha, the Olds Rocket 88 that we found when racing at Bonneville will stand before the Swedish old car gate of heaven on Friday next week. 
Champagne to celebrate och Martini to mourn?
When working hard, hunger comes sneaking slowly making brain and body slow. Therefore our garage style Osso Bucco was cooking slowly while lonesome angle grinders were grinding and hammers were pounding sheets of metal.

Overall, a really good week at Salt Slush Garage. 
Friends, Fun and forward looking projects.

But still, I dream about 2019 like it was a decade ago. 
Racing, Travels, Parties and Hugs. 
I miss that. 
A lot.

But let's endure and build something while waiting. 
It soothes the soul.

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