Saturday, November 21, 2020

When Big means Big. When two (S500SX-E) turbos meet one Magic Merlin Motor.

There are those who drive company cars.
There are those who wash cars. Manually.
There are those that can afford to buy cool cars.

But there are others too;
Some of those are dreaming about a Magnuson kit for their already fast ride.

Others just want 1000hp in their Supra, BMW or LS  engine. Which is ok. We can do that.

Then there are those who literally think out of the box. Who're looking for the impossible. Who're looking for what's never been done before.  
We support wild dreams too. Dreams that goes beyond all of the above. Like this 3000hp bi-turbo (S500SX-E) equipped Merlin Meteor 27L V12 installed in a reinforced Interceptor that's being built by the 
Amazing Andreas Marklund.

We're the boost pressure in your speed dreams.



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