Saturday, January 23, 2021


Is it possible to work more than full time with global engine development, run a Speed Shop in Sweden while racing at Bonneville (in the US of A) and at the same time build and restore cool old cars, bikes and more (!) in limited space at reasonable pace?

After all, there's only 24 hours available and in addition, you've got to sleep, eat and do what you've got to do too!

The answer is Yes. It's possible and it spells PASSION! (Yes, capital letter is appropriate and not a typo)
Passion fuels creativity, boost knowledge and actually, reduce stress too.

Passion is not prestigious
Passion is not posh
Passion is power.

If you lack passion, we can't help. You're doomed and you're on your own. You've got to dig after the gold that makes your gloomy days spark. There's no use to provide a roadmap to where passion cannot be found.

But if you're passionate and full of dreams (we're here talking about those filled with cars, bikes and more) which you constantly neglect, here's our empirical evidence; 

- Bring passion back to life, fuel it with the desires and dreams and you'll find tedious topic's being more bearable and energy will flow like water or whisky through your veins pending on your likings.

And yes, it helps to have a tight team like Salt Slush Racing around, to sell quality products and to have energetic friends with similar passion. But there's always a first step to passion for everyone and our advice is to take it. Now.

Again, we don't have a roadmap...
...but we know that EFR Turbos and...
...Magnuson Superchargers... well as a first test drive of a desert wreck...
...or new hippie/race seat for your magnificent military vehicle...
...and perhaps a Wild Villiers Engine Start up...
...combined with amazing Ariel (all of a sudden) appearance...

...doesn't just happen by coincidence.

It happens because of how we live.

It happens because of Passion.


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