Saturday, January 9, 2021

Warning! This is an informercial from Salt Slush Racing!

Let's be clear about one thing. We hate commercials too. 

But still, as car guys we too want to get good news about precious speed parts. Especially when quality boosting is getting cheaper. So we thought that you guys might want these news too.

We're not talking about parts made in chinesium, instead it's about a gift from heaven. It's a story about a helpful Dollar to SEK exchange rate that all of a sudden provides pure power and speed happiness to all Swedish Racers. 

A sent from above to all Drifters at Gatebil, something that all Time Attacker want to have and wish come true to all StreetWeek Dragracer's. Not the least a message of joy to all common guy&girl Street Racers with thirst for red lights challenges. 

This message will follow in Swedish below...
We know a quite a lot of good artists. But few Renaissance Men like Mattias Jönsson, who's a painter, a racer, a builder, a speaker, a tattoo artist and not the least a reoccurring BorgWarner EFR Turbo customer with endless euphoric enthusiasm. 
To the commercial part of this post: If you're into turbos, take our advice and Go To
to check out our nice new prices.
If you're in to supercharging there's even more to be happy about.

Prices are really good and it's now time to strike a match and light up the sleeping potential in your Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, Charger etc. with a Magnuson Supercharger or why not make your Coyote equipped Mustang run faster than ever before now when the super serious speed for real VMP-Magnuson kit are getting affordable in Sweden to...

På svenska: Gå till och gläd dig åt dollarkursen...varesig du behöver en BorgWarner EFR Turbo, eller ett Magnuson kit så blir det billigare att bygga din racebil eller göra din muskelbil/ GT-vagn snabbare, coolare eller bara bättre... men allt kan ändras snabbt så passa på och låta dina drömmar bli verklighet. Ring oss, vi är (nästan) alltid anträffbara! 

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