Sunday, March 21, 2021

Paint, Pipes and high hopes!

There's something in the air. Even at latitude 57 there's a sense of Spring. It's cold outside, but that hard white light has started to shine on us. These dry, freezing days with blazing sun sends a message. A message that reaches birds, bees and bears. Saying that it's time to get going, time to wrap up and be prepared for some fun and some sun.
There're another type of animals that starts to get active at this time of year. I'm here talking about wrench monkeys and garage rats. These species gets going too. Because they don't want to miss out on races, meets, shows and other type of gear-head get-together.
Some of us have been working hard throughout the Pandemic with our projects to be ready when the light switches from yellow to green and the Second Roaring Twenties goes live.
(Yes, this red light comes from Indianapolis raceway)
  Dreams and high hopes are intensified at this point in time.
 As the welding smoke clears it's time for some step stool cruising. 
I won't say; Buckle Up.
 Time for the Rocket to be towed away to the paint shop.
In and out. As the Rocket is aimed for the paint shop (Universalteknik, Gothenburg) another fastback with aircraft association takes off off from the same facility.
The door carrier. Salt Slush Policy: 
When possible, always transport your stuff in style. 
In our opinion a  Magnuson Supercharger equipped El Camino is an appropriate means of transportation. Always.
The eagle has landed. It's home at bay. But that victory feel soon goes away as the spring light reaches the garage door and a new question emerge. 
Will it run this summer?
Nobody knows.
Epilogue: When the cold and darkness disperse, dust on hoods tells a tale. That it's time to open up the doors, let the sun in and roll up the sleeves to get ready for the season that is coming up. 

Corona or not, the sky will be blue this summer too!

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