Sunday, March 14, 2021

Tailor made by Salt Slush Racing. Science & Racing

Salt Slush Support Science and Relentless Racing souls. Why? First of all, because we can. Secondly, because we like advance research related to combustion engine at Chalmers University of Technology. But we like guys who never give up their dreams too. 

At this point in time, questions are coming up. How does Racing and Science merge?  Here's what keeps it all together. The Machine. The Salt Slush CNC plasma cutter that Anders built in his spare time.

A machine that idles in the Salt Slush shop, ready to do deeds. All it needs is to be feed with an numeric 2D drawing and a piece of metal. If you don't have a drawing but a good idea that can be presented in a 2D drawing, let us know. Because we can most likely support you. We can help out and you can avoid a weekend of flange and bracket manufacturing.

He who waits for race parts will be rewarded. Drawing done. The Plasma cutter warming up...Eric is waiting calmly.
...couple minuites later, puzzle pieces produced. Christmas already? Nope. This an every day business for us at Salt Slush racing.

Coming back to Science. This is the Salt Slush made glass covered combustion chamber analysis device that Chalmers are using for high-speed camera analysis of combustion and flame propagation.

 If your project only needs a flange, bracket or adapter. We can help

 If you need something more advanced that's two dimensional- We can do that too.



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