Sunday, May 9, 2021

Comfort, Convenience and Death

When you are young you don't know what it is. As you are getting older you realize that it's what you've been striving for ever since you wear shorts in public. When in shorts age, you were obviously unaware about it, but you were unconsciously in search for it. Because deep in your mind you understood that this is what people are fighting for. To reach it you need something called a career.

When you reached it only death and boredom remains. In the opposite order.

I'm talking about Comfort and Convenience. To stay in bed. To look at another TV series. To get served and travel around in a comfy car. To relax. To get sloppy and get old too soon and die with a soft brain.

Can this be stopped?

Of that you can be sure. There's an endless and painful way forward that will keep your spirit alive and you body acing. Work hard and stay cool. That the general advice. Enjoy a beer while laughing at mistakes made when the day is done. Ignore the comfy daily driver available and enjoy a ride in the rattling rocket that you've created. 

Are there more precise guidance available? Nope. You've got to find your own rocky road full of dreams and schemes. Only you can start up your own exhausting project that will almost kill you while making you happy and healthy.  

Here's how Salt Slush fight comfort and confront boredom. 


Buy stuff, build stuff and get inspired. Pictured: Magnus and Petter in guitar making mode.

Make the world a more elegant place. The ratty old desert rocket is getting a new lease on life since we've spent 1500-2000 hours of welding, painting and wrenching.
Anders gave his somewhat boring BMW a new paint.
A paint that nobody ever used on a RT before.
He's now prepared for desert war.
German style.
My 80 year old farther was reluctantly admitting that he got inspired and energized after being forced to listen to the Blue Ardun V8 song for hours. Remark: He normally prefer bird song.  

What you want is not necessary what you need. That's all I'm saying.

When your turbo need is coming, when your surge for superchargers is there we can help.

Stay cool out there.


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