Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tear down these walls, Mr President.

We have hope. We have dreams. We've got vaccine. It's all in our veins. 

Yes, we can...make America great again. We want to support a new time of greatness. And return to normality. Because racing means interaction between countries. Interaction and open borders is bound to boost the economy and bounce back hope.   

Beside all Presidential campaign slogans above, we wish for a date when we can assume that the vicious virus has vanished and we can travel to the US of A again.

We've now got the US-German covid cure and we're ready to go racing and prove that competition can concur Covid.

First injection is most effective if given in a Magnuson equipped Corvette. I've heard...
Carina, happy as can be.

So, please Mr Biden remove the 14 days quarantine for us (from EU) who've got the cure!
Because we want to spend money in the US.
and go racing...

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