Sunday, May 30, 2021


We've been shivering at latitude 57 this spring. It's been ice cold outside. Several degrees colder than normal and hence we've been inside waiting for a glimpse of summer. Waiting for it all to warm up. In vain until today. But make no mistake, we're still faithful to climate change church. Because we don't want to end up like Galileo Galilei. Anyhow, guilty as charged, we have to admit that we're happy as hell when a few sun-rays finally reached us.


In pure joy, since it didn't rain...we lit up the Christmas Tree. When sitting close to the fire, enjoying the last breath of Christmas we got that Caribbean Night feeling too.


 But what we really want is a salt desert under the blazing sun and go fast. We know it's stressful, we know that we'll get sunburned and we understand that it will have a major impact on our economy. But it doesn't matter. We want to get back to 2018 &2019 again when we raced at Bonneville with our +900hp Volvo Amazon. We want to go there any time 2021 to see how fast we can go once and for all.

Meanwhile, we´re working on our projects, mowing the lawn in style while sipping a beer or two and dream about the future.

Justus Sustermans - Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636.jpg

 Remark: Galileo studied speed and velocity, gravity and free fall.

We can relate to that.


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