Sunday, September 19, 2021

Urgent Unwinding

Heart is beating hard. Jaws are tight and a light headache is coming up. It's late and it's been a long day. You're tired but you can't relax. You told yourself that you've got to wind down. Without success. On top of that, you forgot to pick up a turbo for a customer and you need to go to the shop late in the evening.

While going to there, your right boot treat the gas pedal like scorpion. You curse like a sailor at all red lights. Tired, but you can't slow down. Eventually, you arrive. You struggle with the key in the darkness. You open the door, turn off the alarm, hit the light switch and...suddenly in fractions of a second, you´re at ease. Within a minute you find piece of mind. There's no words to describe it. Heart stops pounding hard and a warm feeling arrives. Even time seems to stop. 

Why? No clue. But when you arrive in your workshop or garage late at night, when it's a silent and dreams emerge from every unfinished project car, engine or bike you levitate between dream and reality, where everything is possible. All engine are powerful and the sheet metal shapes in the shadows are all beautiful and proportional.

Salt Slush Shop at night. Silent dreams and future deeds.

To stroll around silently in your workshop or garage, to see the challenging projects in another light, to pick up any object and think about the story behind it, beats any other activity when it comes to stress relief. Urgent unwinding. 
Again, don't ask me why. 

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